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St. Joseph and St. Mary Cemeteries

St. Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish is entrusted with the stewardship of two cemeteries: St. Joseph Cemetery and St. Mary Cemetery. These two cemeteries are places of honor, dignity and respect, as they are places where the mortal remains of our faithful departed lie in rest awaiting resurrection. 

Our parish is committed to the care and maintenance of both of our parish cemeteries. All records and business for both St. Joseph Cemetery and St. Mary Cemetery is handled by the parish office located at 348 N. Water Street, Kittanning.

St. Joseph Cemetery

Armstrong County | Rayburn Township
254 Troy Hill Road
Kittanning, PA 16201

Directions to St. Joseph Cemetery
From St. Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Kittanning

  1. Continue north on North Water Street past the church for one block.
  2. Turn right onto Union Avenue (tennis courts to your right).
  3. Go four blocks on Union Avenue (four stop signs) to Johnson Avenue.
  4. Cross over Johnson Avenue and bear to the right up Troy Hill Road.
  5. Continue up Troy Hill Road (Kittanning Cemetery will be to your left).
  6. St. Joseph Cemetery is located at the crest of Troy Hill Road on the right side of the road. (across from Gruskin Road which is to the left).

Use caution when turning into or out of the cemetery. Location is on top of a steep hill and visibility of traffic from either direction is limited.

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St. Mary Cemetery

Armstrong County | Rayburn Township
1125 Cemetery Road (Sirwell St.)
Kittanning, PA 16201

Directions to St. Mary Cemetery
From St. Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Kittanning

  1. Continue north on Noth Water St. past the church (along the river).
  2. Go approximately seven blocks to a stop sign (at Montieth Street).
  3. Turn right onto Montieth Street.
  4. Go straight thru first intersection with a stop sign (YMCA to the left).
  5. Cross over bike trail to the next stop sign (intersection with Orr Ave.)
  6. Turn left onto Orr Avenue (Wick City Saloon on the left).
  7. Go approximately five blocks north on Orr Avenue (you will pass Kittanning High School on the right – stadium on the left).
  8. At the end of Orr Ave. (third stop sign), turn right onto Lemon Way.
  9. Go one short block on Lemon Way onto Johnston Avenue (State Route 1033).
  10. Turn right onto Johnston Avenue (State Route 1033) and make quick left up the hill.
  11. This narrow uphill road (Sirwell Street) leads to St. Mary Cemetery.
  12. St. Mary Cemetery is located at the end of Sirwell Street.

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Burial at St. Joseph or St. Mary Cemeteries

Burial in our parish cemeteries requires the purchase of a grave and the payment of the interment fee. The purchase of a grave is handled directly through our parish office either in advance or at the time of need.

The interment fee is typically included in the bill of services provided by a professional funeral director at the time of death, or as part of pre-planning of a funeral.

If you are interested in the purchase of a gravesite in one of our parish cemeteries, please call our parish office to set up an appointment to discuss your particular personal and family needs.

Burial Policy

Our parish cemetery policy limits the number of burials in an individual grave to a maximum of two, whether burying bodily or cremated remains. Also, all caskets and cremation urns must be buried within a vault. Finally, all interments at both of our parish cemeteries must be conducted by our cemetery personnel.

Foundations for memorial monuments

To assure the quality and consistent appearance of our parish cemeteries, we will handle the pouring of all foundations for memorial monuments. Therefore, the monument company will need to make arrangements with the parish office before a memorial monument is placed at a grave site. All local monument companies are aware of this requirement.

Summary of Costs and Fees

Effective June 1, 2019

Gravesite CostInterment Fees
Individual Grave: $750Traditional Burial: $950
Interment of Cremains: $450
Disinterment: $1500

Burial Planning

Our parish extends its service to families who are in the process of making a decision about a final resting place in either of our parish cemeteries.  The purchase of a gravesite is an important decision that can be made either in advance or at the time of a funeral.  You do not have to be a member of St. Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish to purchase a gravesite.  Both Catholics and non-Catholics can be interred in our parish cemeteries.

Buying a gravesite in advance of an impending funeral or death will assure that this important decision can be made calmly, prudently and economically. Purchasing gravesites before the time of need also assures that you will be able to select where you would like to be interred and can take advantage of current prices.

Many people purchase their burial plots many years before their death so that surviving family members will not have to be burdened with the stress of making this decision at the most difficult time of loss and grief. Some families wish to be buried together and purchase multiple cemetery lots to accommodate their whole family. 

If you are interested in purchasing a gravesite for yourself, or your entire family, you may call our parish office to make an appointment in order to discuss your particular needs. Often, potential purchasers of gravesites wish to see where different lots are located and decide accordingly. We would be more than happy to arrange to meet with you at either of our cemeteries to view the particular gravesites available.